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Zack Kushner


Brand, Content & Digital Strategist


Berkeley, CA


Conceiving and enacting creative strategy through engaging, evocative copy.


In his twenty years of experience, Zack has helped industry, government, and non-profit clients communicate complex concepts to everyday audiences in ways that build engagement.

It's not about clicks, or hits, or ranking—although that's all well and good; it's about the people on the other side of the screen or on the other end of the phone.

Copy, for Zack, is an ongoing conversation. Each project presents a unique creative challenge in which he aligns his empathy and experience with his client’s specific industry awareness and their audience’s sense of intrigue. The communications he crafts as a result translate strategy into engaging, evocative language.

As a writer and strategist, Zack has built brands for businesses, non-profits, and independent schools; raised millions for the Oakland Museum of California; blogged for MSN; developed promotional materials for HBO; handled content and digital strategy for DockYard; and published crosswords in the Sunday New York Times. He has traveled extensively and loves to tell stories.