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Zack Kushner


Content Strategist


Berkeley, CA


Conceiving and enacting creative strategy through engaging, evocative copy.


In his over fifteen years of professional writing experience, Zack has produced compelling copy for industries ranging from high tech to Hollywood.

Copy, for Zack, is an ongoing conversation. Each project presents a unique creative challenge in which he aligns his extensive experience with his client’s specific industry awareness and their audience’s sense of intrigue. The communications he crafts as a result translate strategy into engaging, evocative language.

As a writer and strategist, Zack has blogged for MSN, developed promotional materials for HBO, managed web content teams for Kaiser-Permanente, handled communications for non-profits and government, and published crosswords in the Sunday New York Times. He is as comfortable working with small start-ups as with the Fortune 500. He has traveled extensively and loves to tell stories.